AT&T CL82309 Cordless Phone Review

AT&T has long been t the center of telecommunications technology and they offer some of the greatest devices available. In this AT&T CL82309 review you will find the most important features of this model, allowing you to better decide wich model you ultimate want to buy.


DECT 6.0

It is always important to check that a cordless phone is DECT 6.0 compliant, as this will give you significant peace of mind. As an industry standard adopted all over the world, DECT will ensure that you have high quality security, very clear audio and an incredibly long range. The ultimate range will very much depend on your environment, but it will extend to hundreds of yards with clear line of sight.


Number Of Handsets

This basic model comes with 3 handsets, which is incredibly great value for under $80. But you can also expand your phone system over time as your kids grow older, with the AT&T CL82309 supporting up to 12 devices. This is more than enough for the average home user or small business, giving you plenty of space to expand.


Answering machine

Any AT&T CL82309 review has to cover the answering machine features, which is our next point to make. We have all become so used to having voice mail with our cell phones, that it often becomes an expected feature for a home phone. While not all cordless home phones come with built in answering machines, this particular model does.


The great thing is that not only can you access you messages when you get back home, but you can access the messages remotely by dialing. This is a very handy feature if you are expecting an important call or message. This also allows you to stay on top of messages when you are away on vacation, and you can make sure that the message box does not fill up.

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The handsets of this model all come with speakerphones, meaning that you can use them hands free. This is very convenient when you are busy doing other things, or you want to have other people listen into the conversation. One downside to this model is that it does not come with headset jacks. This means that other people will always be able to listen is if you want to use it hands free.



Overall, this AT&T CL82309 review is pretty positive, especially since you get 3 handsets at a price that other manufacturers usually offer only 2. The built in answering machine is a great advantage, and the only fault we could find is that the handsets do not come with headset jacks, which other models in the same price range do offer.

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