How Do You Choose The Best Cordless Phone For Seniors?

If you have found yourself in a situation where you need to find a cordless phone for a senior then you are likely to find it difficult to know exactly what you should be looking out for. Whether it is a parent or other relative or just a friend or neighbor, you probably want to make sure that the person who needs the phone will actually be able to use it with as little a learning curve as possible. On this page we will present information that will help you find the ideal cordless phones for seniors.


Easy To Read Display And Buttons

Most elderly people are used to the old-fashioned disk dial or large button phone that is directly plugged into the wall outlet. The main inconvenience of this is that the phone has to be in one place. As people become less mobile this can be a great hindrance to making and receiving phone calls. But many cordless phones these days have all the bells and whistles making them not the easiest to operate and get used to.

One of the most important things to look out for is that both the buttons and the display on the phone have large and easily readable writing. Eyesight is something that unfortunately gets worse with age and even with reading glasses small print on a phone can become difficult to read. Large buttons also make it a lot easier for people with arthritis to press the correct ones.


Amplified Incoming And Outgoing Sound

Pretty much all cordless phones these days are compatible with hearing aides, but many seniors tend to not use them as much as would be practical. The best thing that can be done to ensure that someone with a certain level of loss of hearing is to buy a phone, which has high volume settings for the ringer and the earpiece. This ensures that no calls are missed and that conversations can be easily followed.

However, it should also be considered to look out for functionality that amplifies the sound of the outgoing audio of the senior. This ensures that the person at the other end does not struggle to hear what is being said. All this helps to make for a much better and easier communications experience for everyone.


Two of the best options available at

Clarity XLC3.4

This phone was specifically designed for with the senior in mind. Just looking at it you can tell that it has a larger than normal earpiece ensures a very loud and clear sound quality. The buttons are really well spaced out making it less likely that the wrong or more than one buttons is pressed. The bright display makes reading the numbers and names of incoming calls very easy and it also has an extra loud incoming call ringer.


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Panasonic KX-TG6592T

Panasonic are definitely one of the leading makers of cordless phones and this device is certainly one of their great ones geared towards seniors as it comes with built in sound amplification. The display is very clear with an easily readable font. The same goes for the buttons that are clearly identified, however, they are not as large and well spaced as the ones on the Clarity above.


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When shopping for cordless phones for seniors you should really consider what will make their life easier and consider that the person may not be inclined to learn about new advanced communications technology. The most important things are that the phone is easy to use and can amplify incoming and outgoing audio. Large buttons and a clear display are very critical to making the phone easy to understand and use, and a little bit of personal judgment is best applied.


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