Simple Technology For Seniors

Diminishing of senses especially eyesight and hearing is one of the health issues facing the seniors.

With this comes the feeling of loneliness and isolation due to limited amount of communication with family and friends. It can be difficult for family to stay in touch especially if distance is the hindrance.

When family members are living far apart from each other, they may only have a face to face conversation during the holidays, anniversaries and other family celebrations.

To help seniors stay connected with family and friends and lead a productive life, easy to use technology tools are made available for them. For the socializing needs of the elderly, there are several electronic devices to choose from:

  1. Internet-connected Printer

Internet-connected printer gives an email service for people without the use of computer which is best suited for the elderly. This printer is simplified with few buttons for volume controls, it chimes when it received a message.

It gives automatic print-outs of emails with font adjustments and borders or templates to give visual adornments. It is easy set-up as well, just plug to an outlet and active phone jack then feed with the ink cartridge and plain white paper.

However this printer has only one way of communication since it has no keyboard or screen for responding. It’s not cheap either and there is a yearly email service fee.

But the best thing, seniors receive a steady stream of short messages and images from their family. What a great joy for them to see the photos of their small grandchildren do their adorable and funny antics, it’s priceless.

  1. Tablet for seniors

The main purpose of this tablet is to provide elderly users the medium to communicate with their family and caregivers. It has large touchscreen; color coded oversized buttons and prints which is specifically designed for seniors.

Several features include video calling, emails and texts, medication reminders, web browsing, see photos, dashboard calendar and much more.

The benefit of this gadget is not only for the end users but also makes it possible for the family and caregivers of the seniors living alone to monitor non-intrusively their daily activities and compliance to their medications.

The video calling feature is private, secure and very easy to use: just a touch of the “answer” button and you’re now speaking with each other face-to face. For the email and texts app, seniors are notified immediately and messages appear in large easy-to-read text.

They can also reply or write new messages using the on-screen keyboard and voice-to-text recognition. This gadget has a lot of features, just what the seniors needed to have voice and text communications with their loved ones.

It will open up a whole new world for them and even the technologically challenged elderly can easily learn how to navigate its different features.


  1. User-friendly computer

Simple and easy to use, it has special applications and can accommodate several users. It combines video chat, email, photo sharing and many more great features into a easy to use, touchscreen model.

No more complicated set-ups and installations since it comes pre-installed and ready to be used from the box. Apps include video chat, check email, browse the Internet, look at pictures or videos, check news or weather, play games, and many more.

It comes with a large touch-screen monitor, speakers, webcam, large-print keyboard, and mouse.


Studies show that seniors who live in social isolation suffer several mental and physical health risks and die earlier. So staying connected with their loved ones is important for their wellness and longevity. With these simple to use gadgets, seniors can enjoy healthy social interaction even in the later part of their life. See our designated phone guide here.

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