The 3 Best Panasonic Cordless Phone Choices

If you are looking for a new cordless phone you will probably be aware that Panasonic is one of the top makers of communications devices. While they have lost considerable market share in the cellphone niche, they have certainly retained their dominance in the home telephone market. With a Panasonic cordless phone you will buy a certain level of quality with the latest in technology and innovation.


1)      Panasonic KX-TG4742B

In the Panasonic cordless telephone range the KX-TG4742B stands clearly out as one of the best. For an average household two handsets will be more than enough, but if you do find the need to get more then you can expand up to 6 handsets.

For most people an answering machine function will be vital, and I personally cannot do without one. This is particularly the case for small business as you really don’t want to lose potential customers. This model has an answering service built in and you are able to check your messages from the base unit or directly from the handsets to make it more convenient.

A great little feature is the talking caller ID, which, when turned on, will speak out the name of the caller in between ring tones. It might sound like a bit of a gadget, but it can be handy when you are busy and don’t want to disrupt what you are doing to check who is calling.

Over 700 customers have given it a 3.4 star rating and at less than $70 you really cannot go far wrong.


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2)      Panasonic KX-TG6512B

At the entry level Panasonic provide this model, which does come with less features than the above one. It also comes with 2 handsets, and can also be expanded to 6 if your needs require more. For less than $50 you will not get an answering machine built in, or the talking caller ID, but other than that it really is a great device.


Over 1,600 people would not have given it an average 4.2 star rating if it wasn’t a decent telephone.

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3)      Panasonic KX-TG6644B

This model is geared towards the larger household and small business with the need for multiple handsets and advanced features. It ships with 4 handsets and the base set can also be used as a phone with the loud speaker; you can also order it with less handsets or expand up to 6 in total. This gives you great flexibility over time.

Phone hands free usage other than the speakerphone this model comes with a headset jack on each headset. This allows you to plug in a compatible headset and have your hands fre to do other things. This is very important if you do not want other people to listen into the call while you are busy with other work at the same time.

For under $100 you really get a great telephone system and over 700 customers have given it a 4.5 start average rating

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With a Panasonic wireless phone purchase you will definitely not end up with buyer’s remorse. Their feature range and competitive prices are industry leading, and with expandability you can always add on more handsets as your household or business grows.


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