VTech LS6425-3 Phone Review

VTech LS6425-3 Cordless Phone

Along with Panasonic, VTech are one of the most popular makers of cordless phones currently available on the market. At a very affordable price under $70 the VTech LS6425-3 is a really great phone system that will perfectly suit home use as well as a small business office set up. In the below review info you will find all the great features explained making it a lot easier to decide whether this is the right phone for your needs.


Answering Machine

VTech LS6425-3 Cordless PhoneFor most people, especially small businesses it is vital that they are able to offer a voice recording feature for missed calls. Busy lives and businesses can make it very difficult to answer every call but this may result in missing some important ones. The answering machine built into this particular system will allow for up to 14 minutes of recording time, which should be enough for home and small office use. The base set is also very conveniently set up to show you exactly how many messages are waiting and they can then be quickly managed with the press of a few buttons.


Voice Announce Caller ID

While pretty much all cordless phones these days will display the name or number of the calling person, VTech have gone a step further. This means that you do not have to find the handset to see who is calling, as each unit will announce the name of the caller. This makes screening calls much easier and extremely convenient. You can keep doing what you are doing if you choose to let a call go to the answering machine.


Handset Speakerphone

Each handset comes with a built in speaker phone which means that you can use the phone hands free and share a conversation with other people around. You simply need to press the speaker button making it very simple and quick to switch between speaker and ear piece.

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The VTech LS6425-3 cordless phone system comes with 3 handsets that all link up to the same base unit and phone line. But you can always add additional devices, up to 12 in total, and you do not have to buy them up front. As your household or business needs increase you can simply buy additional phones. They can be very easily set up to pick up your base unit. Having multiple phones certainly makes it easier to find a ringing phone and allows for very easy conferencing as described next.


Conference Outside Lines

As you will have multiple handsets within your premises it is makes perfect sense to take advantage of such a set up by conferencing certain calls, like family gatherings or businesses meetings. With this phone system you will be able to conference an outside line with up to 4 internal cordless handsets. This is particularly useful for small businesses where conference calls can be a regular occurrence.

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The VTech LS6425-3 cordless phone is definitely one of the best phones in its price range under $70. It has quite a lot of features that will certainly be very convenient for both household and business use. The functionality is very easy to learn and with a large and clear display it is simple to navigate through the different menus and settings.

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