What Are The Advantages Of A Cordless Phone With Bluetooth?

For a long time home cordless phones that hook up to “old fashioned” telephone lines had not changed in any significant way.

They haven’t become much smaller, battery life is probably as good as it is going to get and in most instances the range is more than enough for even large households.

On the other hand, there has been an ever faster advance in mobile cell phone devices with a whole range of smartphones available now.

But there has been some recent development in that you can now get a Bluetooth cordless phone, which does give you some pretty cool new features.

1 – Panasonic KX-TGD562G


You can easily connect this Panasonic phone to a mobile by using the Link2Cell tech built-in. this enables you to also use Google, S Voice, and Siri by utilizing the Voice Assist setting.

We also liked how you can connect two smartphones to be available for calls that come through the Link2Cell cordless phones. The Bluetooth capabilities can reach up 33 feet.

Advanced Caller ID

The caller ID technology equipped with these cordless devices are incredible. They audibly let you know who’s calling by using text-to-speak tech. These voices come from the speakers that are built-in to the bottom of the handsets.

You can even set certain ringtones for specific caller ID’s. Once you’ve set the ringtone to the corresponding caller ID, that sound will play every time they ring. It’s a great customizable option that adds some personality to your regular calls.


The design aspect of these handsets is modern and stylish. They’ve incorporated LCD screens to make the phones look up to date, but it also ensures they are easy to use.

You can also be assured in knowing that it won’t take up a ton of surface space. So, you can place it on your desk, tables, or countertops and still have plenty of room to spare.

Not to mention, the keys and numbers have been purposefully designed to be large. Therefore, you can make calls quicker as you don't have to spend time focusing on dialing the right keys.


  • Smartphone connectivity to use Google, Siri, and S Voice
  • Audible caller ID to know who’s calling when you’re not by the phones
  • Individual ringtones for caller ID’s for personalization
  • check
    Modern design to fit directly into most homes
  • check
    Large dial keys for errorless dialing


  • Menu operation could be faster
  • Sound quality isn’t as great as expected

2 – VTech DS6671-3

Sound Quality

The 6.0 frequency used with these phones means that you can communicate with clearer high-quality sounds.

With the 6.0 frequency, it puts your voice into a specific band that ensures it is transmitted across various channels. As a result, you are able to communicate clearly, while also being protected from things like being wiretapped.

You also don’t have to worry about it getting in the way of your wireless routers.


You’re able to easily connect these cordless phones to smartphones by using Bluetooth tech. This feature enables you to receive and make calls on your smartphone that go through the Vtech cordless phones.

People are loving this system as it means that you no longer have to run to make calls in time. You can prevent it from going to voicemail by simply answering it on your mobile.

Handsfree Headset

The hands-free headset included is another fantastic addition. It lets you have conversations with a high-quality sounding voice.

It’s able to achieve this by using the 6.0 frequency band. The only difference is, you can roam around while doing other things in the house as your hands are completely free.

Speaker & Eco Mode

In addition to the headset, you can use the speakerphone setting to take handsfree calls too. All you have to do is hit a button and the speaker switches on for all the handsets.

An Eco Mode can be used as well. This feature ensures that you can save power and get as much use out of the handsets as possible.


  • 6.0 frequency band ensures high-quality voice sound
  • Connectivity to phones to take calls anywhere in the house
  • Headset for more convenient hands-free communication
  • check
    Speaker to allow further handsfree communication
  • check
    Eco Mode can save power for optimal battery life


  • The headset is too big for some
  • Bluetooth range needs improvement 

3 – Panasonic KX-TGE463S Link2Cell


These Panasonic cordless phones can connect to two different phones with Bluetooth technology. Therefore, you can effortlessly make and take calls via the handsets, regardless of where you are in the home.

You can also use both Bluetooth devices for separate calls at the same time.

Clear Communication

When you’re trying to talk to someone who’s in a busy area, it can be hard to properly hear what they’re saying.

These phones are equipped with excellent noise reducing technology. They work effectively to reduce any of the background noise that often causes disruption to your conversations. As a result, you can experience more natural calls and engage in conversations better.

Voice Paging

The voice paging technology makes it incredibly simple to send messages to all handsets in the home through the built-in speakers.

Therefore, you can easily set up alarms and notifications for various things, such as dinner being ready. The messages can be sent to each handset at the same time so that everyone knows what the plan is.

Unique Key Detector

We found the Key Detector system to be a unique feature. You can attach it to your keys and be sure to never lose them in the house again.

In the event that you do lose them, you can turn the detector on from one of the handsets. It will then create a beeping sound to let you know where it is. This system works for keys that have been lost within 200 yards of the handsets.


  • Bluetooth connectivity to take calls anywhere in the house
  • Noise reduction tech enhances sound quality for improved calls
  • Voice paging lets you easily send messages throughout the household at once 
  • check
    Key Detector feature means you can find lost keys easily
  • check
    Speaker for convenient handsfree calls


  • Audible caller ID can be hard to understand
  • The design is too bulky for some

4 – Panasonic KX-TGD564M Link2Cell

Voice Quality

The sound of the voice quality that you can experience while using these Panasonic handsets is excellent.

You can be sure to communicate with complete clarity to the person on the other end. You'll also be able to hear what they are saying clearly too.


As far as the connectivity goes, we were impressed by this one. You can connect a maximum of two smartphones by using the Bluetooth technology. As a result, you can receive and make calls while using your smartphone from anywhere in your home.

This feature also means that you can use Google, Siri, and S Voice through your handsets too. The One-Touch Voice Assist comes in handy here.

Blocking System

If you constantly receive calls from telemarketers or any other numbers, you'll appreciate the blocking system that these handsets have. You can effortlessly block a maximum of 150 different numbers.

There are easy-to-use Call Block buttons found on each one of the handsets. Therefore, you can completely avoid having to deal with unwanted calls ever again.

Eco Mode

We liked how these handsets come with an Eco Mode.

When you use this mode, it simply allows you to save on the energy being used to operate the phones. It also ensures that the battery life of each handset can be extended to provide you with more use.

Design Features

These phones have a backlight which is very beneficial. This is especially the case if you’re using the device in the dark. Although, it works at all times to increase your overall visibility of the numbers that you're dialing, as well as the information on the screen. 

Furthermore, they’ve designed these handsets to have built-in speakers. As a result, you can easily take calls without having to physically hold the handset in your hand.


  • Great audio quality for better conversation experience
  • Bluetooth connectivity to take/make calls from anywhere
  • The blocking system enables you to avoid annoying telemarketers
  • check
    Eco Mode enhances battery life
  • check
    Backlight for increased visibility and easier usage


  • Time on the phone can be inaccurate
  • Battery life when off-charge could be improved

5 – Panasonic KX-TGF382M Link2Cell


  • The blocking system lets you prevent calls for less disturbance
  • Noise reduction tech enhances voice quality for better calls
  • Syncs to smartphones to make/receive calls anywhere in the home
  • check
    Large LCD screen for easy readability
  • check
    Illuminated keypads allow you to make calls with no mistakes


  • Some units are prone to blinking
  • Menu system could be improved

What Is Link2Cell Technology?

You will have seen the word “Link2Cell” used throughout the review above. You may now be wondering what it exactly means.

It is the name for a system that works to sync the cordless handsets to your mobile phone.

You can simply connect your mobile to the handsets via Bluetooth technology. The benefit of this is that you can receive and make calls that go through the handsets of the home landline.

So, you can deal with any incoming calls, as well as any that you make, from anywhere in the house. It’s a technological system that has been providing people with a fantastic convenience factor. This is especially the case when it’s coupled with a handsfree headset too.

We like how this technology also lets you experience the benefits of up to two separate phones. Those days of sprinting at full speed[G1] before the call goes to voicemail can be a trouble of the past. [G2]

Syncing your mobile to the handset system is super easy.

Simply go through the menu options of the Panasonic handset until you find the option to click on Bluetooth. Once you click this, a Link2Cell option will become available. Simply select this, followed by “Phone 1”.

All you need to do then is open the Bluetooth settings on your phone. Turn it on and let it scan the area until it picks up your handset. It will usually be identified as the model number.

Enter the appropriate passwords for the mobile and the handset, and you’re connected and ready to go.

Bluetooth Headset Connection

The first great advantage is that you can use pretty much any standard Bluetooth hands free headset with your home phone system as well. If you tend to use a hands free system in your car in the form of a small in ear headset, then it makes perfect sense to use the very same device with your home telephone system as well. Having the ability to use a cordless phone hands free is very convenient especially when you are busy at your computer, with kids or just simply doing some other household tasks.

Bluetooth Cordless Phone

Bluetooth Cordless Phone`

With the majority of standard cordless handsets you will only be able to use a wired headset and then you have to also make sure that you have a cordless phone with a headset jack. While this is better than trying to pin the headset between your ear and shoulder causing you to get a pain in your neck, having the ability to go completely wireless is definitely a plus.

Integration With Cellphones

By far the best advantage of a cordless phone with Bluetooth technology is that it will allow you to synchronize your smartphone with your home telephone system. You might wonder why this would be of benefit, but there are some really great ways that this becomes convenient.

If you are like me, you will arrive home and put your cellphone and keys down and get on with every day household tasks. It happens very often that I don’t return to my iPhone until an hour or so later to see that I have missed a call. By integrating the iPhone with the home telephone system, the cordless headset will pick up any incoming cell calls so that all calls come to one device.

This is especially convenient if you tend to plug in your smartphone once you get home to get a full charge ready for the next day. You then do not need keep your cellphone charging close to where you are, as all incoming cell calls will cause your home telephone to ring. The cordless telephone will also indicate that the call is coming over Bluetooth so that you know exactly what connection you are answering.


A Bluetooth cordless phone can give you some really great new technology set up that really integrates your smartphone with your home phone system. If you still have the need for the reliable quality of a wired phone line then it makes perfect sense for you to integrate your cell phones into that system. By simply synchronizing through Bluetooth technology in your smartphone and cordless home phone and then make and receive calls on your cordless phone through your cell phone connection.

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