What Is DECT Technology All About?

One of the questions we sometimes get from our readers is about the term DECT. It is often used in marketing material and you will see it on the box of practically all cordless phones. But what does DECT actually mean and how does it benefit the user. That is the topic of today’s post and we invite any additional questions and comments. If we miss something then please let us know and we will add to this post.

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Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication (DECT for short) is an internationally adopted standard for telephone technology. Compared to the predecessor DECT’s main advantage is that it is a fully digital signal which gives some great advantages. Firstly it enhances the sound quality exponentially, and secondly it increases the possible range of a cordless phone.

In the US you will often see “DECT 6.0”, which is basically just a more detailed description, as the current version in use is version 6. Because of the digital signal, many phone systems can have a large number of cordless phones operating on the same system without any interference from each other. With analogue technology even just a few handsets could cause interference and reduced audio quality.

If you still use an analogue phone, apparently they do still exist, then you will notice a huge improvement on the audio quality. The digital signal provides for a much clearer sound, and does so over much larger distances.

While the range of a cordless phone very much depends on the environment, you could achieve a range of up to 300 feet. Environmental factors that may influence the signal strength are mainly the walls in your home or office, but also vegetation around your building. The more solid the wall construction is, the less distance you will be able to cover with one base unit.

Security is also much better with a digital connection as all the data can be encrypted. Technically this means that it is very difficult for someone to eavesdrop on your conversations, but also makes it difficult to connect to your base unit and make calls using your account. Such fraudulent connections are far more difficult and almost impossible with DECT technology.

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While DECT is an international standard it still does not mean that handsets and base units and accessories from different manufacturers will work interchangeably. In a way it is a communications guideline and underlying software and hardware will dictate whether devices can communicate or not. The safest thing you can do is make sure you buy devices from one manufacturer, including the accessories available. It can be very annoying to end up with add-ons that don’t really work, or not at all.

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