Why Choose A Multi Line Cordless Phone?

For the majority of households and small businesses a standard cordless phone system will be perfectly adequate. But they are always limited to one incoming phone line which means that only one conversation can take place at a time. With a multi line cordless phone system you can have multiple phone lines coming into your premises and connect them up to one phone system. The advantages of this can be substantial and this page will help you decide whether you need such a system or not.


Multiple Connections At The Same Time

If you have a busy household with lots of kids or you have a small home business, then it can be very frustrating and even counterproductive to have just one phone line. Even with call waiting functions you are still limited to one connection at a time meaning that it is not possible to take an incoming call while someone else is using the phone. In some households, especially with teenage kids this can be a bit of a nightmare. It can also be a real problem if you have a small home business but are not able to make and receive important calls when someone else is using the phone.


Cost Of Additional Phone Lines

One thing you do need to keep in mind is that for each additional phone line there will be a cost involved from the phone service provider. There may also be a need for additional setup to your premises, as it is generally standard practice to have only one phone line active to residential properties. Factoring in the cost of the new service is very important, but also be aware that more phone lines will very likely mean more phone calls being made as well. All this can add up to significantly larger bills, which can be an issue for private households.



There are limitations to having a multi line cordless phone system set up. While even for small business a 4 line system is quite easily set up, it can become very complicated and time consuming to correctly set up systems with more than 4 incoming lines. Once you get to a stage where you need more than 4 phone lines to keep your business operations going you should really consider a professionally set up phone system which can even take advantage of modern Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology.


Panasonic KX-TG9472B

This is one of the best reviewed devices on Amazon which supports 2 incoming phone lines. It is a great system which combines one traditional corded desk phone and two cordless phones. This means that you will always have one device in one location, while the other cordless ones can be anywhere in your premises.

The great thing is that you can expand the system as your needs grow with support up to 6 cordless phones.


X16 Small Office Digital Phone System

While this is technically not a cordless phone system it is one of the best multi line phone systems for the small business. The central voice equipment will allow for 4 incoming phone lines to be distributed to the 8 desk phones. There is also a smaller version of this package available at Amazon, which includes 4 instead of 8 desk phones. Based on the positive reviews on Amazon this is really one very good phone system for a small business.


If you are in a situation where you have met the limits of a single phone line and it is causing problems for your family or your business, then a multi line cordless phone system will be the ideal solution. Ultimately the question will come down to how many phone lines you will require and that will most likely be a business decision for you to make. Cost is one factor to consider, but you will also find limitations in the manageability of a system with more than 4 incoming phone lines.

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